List Of Ideas To Create Your Personalised Picture Pillows

By | October 22, 2021

You enter the new residence of a buddy. Everything is tastefully designed, as you notice, the furniture is contemporary, and the artwork on the walls shows her style. Then you see a wonderfully designed custom photo pillow on the bed and wonder, “Where did you get those pillows?” 

Pillows have existed in some shape or another for thousands of years. They began as hard, unpleasant places for affluent people to lay their heads for hygienic reasons.

The wealthy Egyptians used pillows made of limestone or ivory to keep their heads off the creepy crawlies on the floor. But, on the other hand, these pillows were decorative, wonderfully designed, and valuable, if not wholly comfy.

People nowadays consider custom picture pillows to be an item that may make or break a room. As a result, pillow sales are on the rise, and you should take advantage of this profitable design trend.

1. Boldly designed photo pillows

The most common application for a photo cushion is to provide visual interest to a living area. When looking for the ideal cushion, most people have already figured out the rest of the specifics. They’ve decided on beige walls and carefully picked colors for their sofas and carpets. They now want a cushion that will brighten up their space! This is where you fit in.

To attract the attention of the stylish thrill-seeker, use your creativity to visualize striking patterns and motifs utilizing trendy colors. Then, combine different colors and themes to create a beautiful pattern that will liven up any area, from patterns to polka dots. Custom pillow printing seems to be a big trend these days. Consider the fantastic things you can do with our double-sided fake suede square cushion.

2. Personalized photo pillows with renowned quotes

Using carefully written quotations to convey your philosophical views of the world is a popular trend in interior decoration. This may be seen in wall hangings, poster artwork, coffee mugs, and personalized picture pillows, among other things. You may also use famous and inspirational Bible quotes or phrases from other sacred books to create custom photo pillows.

Virtually limitless possibilities may grab the mind and inspire just about everyone, from poetry to literary classics. Remember to include unique quotes, such as an image of a garden gnome saying, “Gnome lovely gnome.” “All right, Boomer!” or something more current. It’s always in style to have catchy phrases that get people’s attention. When it comes to expressing yourself on a custom photo pillow that you design, everything goes.

3. In the manner of photo pillows

The freshest and most significant cultural symbols are frequently incorporated into custom designs. But that doesn’t mean you can’t design your unique picture pillows in the manner of these fashionistas! However, you don’t want to get sued in this day and age just because you needed to sell some pillows with Cartoon Characters or Spider-Man graphics on them.

Consider a pillowcase in the manner of a beloved Disney character or with glimpses of the newest Marvel adventure for a child’s bedroom. Then, allow your creativity to run wild with color palettes, typefaces, and styles that hint at these trademarked figures without really incorporating them into your projects.

4. For animal enthusiasts, custom photo pillows are available.

 For all of the animal lovers around nowadays, you can even custom print the ideal pet bed. There are three unique sizes for any pet that will ensure they don’t shed on your new couch. Consider printing bespoke dog and cat breeds, but don’t stop there.

Animal prints, particularly those focusing on endangered animals, are all the rage. Create custom picture pillows to raise awareness of the humpback whale’s predicament. Alternatively, offer a lucky raccoon fan the design he’s been longing for! To brighten someone up, how about an adorable rhino?

You may use photographs of real animals to print your picture pillow prints and watch them brought to life on high-quality goods, or you can use your creativity to give a unique and personal touch to your design.

5. Custom Photo pillows with patriotic themes

The American flag may be found all over the place. T-shirts, suitcases, and, dare we say it, underpants are all popular items. So why not make a personalized picture cushion with an American flag design or in the flag’s colors? This classic design will add a touch of class to any space.

The woven polyester square cushion is a great way to show off your patriotism. For that garden party, this high-quality, inexpensive accent item may be utilized both indoor and outdoor!

But don’t only stick to the American theme. Many individuals would want to have their native nation represented as well. The form of a microfiber pillow covering is ideal for recreating any flag.

6. Pillows featuring pictures of holiday spots

We’ve all seen the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty wall coverings, but why stop there? Allow folks to bring a little bit of the big wide world into their homes by displaying personalized picture pillows! There are so many incredible places to visit, and any of them would make a fantastic cushion design!

Make stunning patterns using your trip photographs that people will treasure. Alternatively, draw inspiration from exotic locales to create your one-of-a-kind artwork that transports viewers around the world without requiring them to leave their beds. Consider a Great Wall of China cushion for the living room’s final touch. Printing on a microfiber pillow sham or a fake suede square cushion is a beautiful idea.

7. Tragic zodiac pillows

What is your zodiac sign? When you can have a personalized picture cushion that shares your horoscope with everyone who comes to the house, why make someone take the effort of asking?

Everybody, from Scorpios to Aries, likes having their Zodiac sign on exhibit. Isn’t it a fantastic idea for partners to use picture pillows to demarcate their territory? The courteous and timid Virgo won’t have to worry about anybody else stealing his place when his personalized picture cushion is waiting for him on the couch. The imaginative Pisces will like the fish you create to motivate her throughout a day filled with creative energy.


Your work may be permanently displayed on a sofa or bed, providing a finishing design touch to someone’s room. Pillows and cushions are the perfect canvas for your creativity, whether it’s graffiti, conceptual images, or digital art.

Consider printing on both sides of a spun polyester square pillowcase or our fake suede square pillowcase, both of which come in several sizes. Get in touch with a local custom pillow printing business.