Exciting Things to do with Kids in Prague

By | October 20, 2021

Wishing to take your kids for a fun-filled getaway or thinking of a beautiful European city to travel to with your kids? Why not go to Prague this summer vacation? A must-visit beautiful destination with a deep-rooted history and amusing places, Prague is definitely the best catch for family travelers any time.

Prague gives the vibe of a fairy-tale destination with the red rooflines, the cobblestone streets, and the enchanting castles. How about getting a mind-blowing fun session with the city’s wide-open green spaces dotted with well-equipped playgrounds with your kids? That sounds amazing, no? Book affordable United Airlines flight tickets from the official website and make your vacation a memorable one!

Prague Zoo

One of the top listed zoos in the world, the magnificent Prague Zoo must be added to a traveler’s itinerary. The Zoo is known for its diverse inhabitants with rare Malayan tapirs and Asiatic lions, which are among the 700 species here. Participate with your children in several programs, including special “meet/feed the animal” activities and touch or feed anything from ferrets to snakes, bearded dragons, and even giant cockroaches.

Prague Castle

Add the beautiful and historic Prague Castle to your bucket list. You won’t be disappointed. It is one of Prague’s most significant landmarks harbor quiet playgrounds away from the city crowd. Being an ideal place to escape the tourist trail, Prague Castle features tiny houses of Golden Lane, a Romanesque façade of St. George’s Basilica, and the well-manicured landscapes of the South Gardens. Aren’t you excited to visit Prague Castle with your kids? Then, book low-cost United Airlines tickets from the official site and get amazing family vacation offers.

National Marionette Theatre

With great fun shows featuring classical works such as Mozart’s Don Giovanni or The Magic Flute, National Marionette Theatre will put a smile on your kids’ faces! Think about giant puppets performing like a real actor and pushing your adrenaline level to a new high! If you are thinking of visiting the national theatre too, just make your plans and start your journey ASAP.

David Cerny’s Art

If you are wandering the cobblestone streets of Prague, spend some time admiring the most decorated collection of unique artforms by David Cerny. Giant weird sculptures spread through city parks and squares, including a life-size statue of Freud hanging from a rooftop; a 360 degrees rotating Metamorphosis statue; a statue of Saint Wenceslas sitting atop an upside-down horse, and much more!

Stromovka Park

How about taking a sweet stroll with your family in a lush green space and lots of people jogging, riding, or playing ball on the lawn? Fascinating, right? Hop on then! Go to the United Airlines Booking portal and book flight tickets at the lowest rates possible. Stromovka Park is a place to visit and spend plenty of sweet moments with them. The park has become a great place to visit for picnics and hikes with several exciting things to do, such as visiting a Planetarium; seeing what’s happening at the Exhibition Grounds, where rotating shows and events are a must-to-see catch.

National Technical Museum

It is one of the oldest and largest museums in the country, featuring technological innovations in 14 different fields. The innovation includes exhibits from transportation, printing, architecture, and the measurement of time. The museum showcases a number of planes used in WWII, the toys exhibit, and an exhibition devoted to the Czech chocolate and sugar production industry. If you are excited too to visit Prague this summer with your kids, why not reserve seats through the the United Airlines ticket Booking portal and get awesome family vacation deals.