6 Most Visited Places in Panama City?

Guys, if you want some information regarding the things to do in Panama City, then read this article. The city of Panama is located in Florida and is the capital city of a country, for Pete’s sake. This city has been the financial hub for the Latin American market. Visit this city to explore its various attractions for which the city is famous including the Panama canal, museums, and all the mesmerizing parks and gardens for families and kids.

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Below are the places that are worth visiting in the city and is crowded all year round:

The Panama Canal

The Panama canal is among the top best things to do in Panama. This site witness a huge crowd of visitors that has listed visiting the Panama Canal as their favorite thing to see. You will see beautiful huge ships all around. Explore the nearby places in the Canal. Hop into the special place in the Panama Canal that is at Miraflores Visitor Center. A worth visiting place with family to enjoy this serene view from the top.

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The original city in Panama Viejo

Panamá Viejo was the original Panama City and is also known as Panamá la Vieja. This place was founded by the Spanish settlement in 1518 and has the distinction of being the oldest European settlement on the New World’s Pacific coast. This site used to have only 100 settlers. Now, this place has grown economically to over 10,000 people by the time England’s Captain Morgan sacked and burned it in 1671. This site will make you learn about the city’s hidden past and its related transformations.

Casco Viejo or Casco Antiguo

Casco Viejo which is also known as Caco Antiguo was not rebuilding from the ruins but the survivors wisely relocated to a small, defensible position tucked at the foot of Ancon Hill. This spot in the city is now known as Casco Viejo (Old Town). This Casco is now the historic district of a very modern Panama City. Watch out for the beautiful and charming district having a hot spot for Panamanians and tourists alike.

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Parque Natural Metropolitano

Parque Natural Metropolitano is the only metropolis in the world with a rainforest within its city limits located in Panama City. This Metropolitan Natural Park is stretched over a 654-acre natural park with much of it untouched. Visit this pretty park that has a small nature center with three or four main trails. Hop into the trails that are well maintained and wind easily through the tropical rainforest. Capture all the scenic views and enjoy strolling on the beautiful trail having stunning pavements.

Amador Causeway

Amador Causeway is among the chain of islands. The Amador marks the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal which is worth watching. This causeway was built after Panama took over the Panama Canal. This canal replaced the one-lane road with a beautiful, two-lane boulevard that also has an adjacent bicycle/jogging path. So, visit this causeway that offers a wonderful pathway for morning activities like exercise, cycling, jogging, strolling in the evenings, or other recreational activities.

Punta Culebra

Punta Culebra is the most visited place in the town and is undoubtedly our favorite destination on the Causeway. This place is operated by the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and is dedicated to understanding biological diversity. This site is an open-air museum that focuses mainly on marine science and education, interpretation, and conservation of marine coastal environments. Visit this place with grown-up kids and make them acknowledge so many interesting facts found here in the museum.

Panama city is one the most important cities in the world both economically and historically. Visit this city to know more about the city’s best locations making it more popular worldwide.

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